Monday, February 17, 2003

Ummmm, first things first: I love my parents! They sent me tons of cash and a really cute pajama set and an aromatherapy kit for Valentine's Day!!! Also, because I had Forum on the 19th of April, the day before Easter, I would not be able to make it to Easter Brunch at Midlothian. So, my parents decided to come down at like 4, take me out to dinner, then see the show, wait for me to be done with my running crew stuff, then bring me home with them. I wish I could make it to the after parties, but I would be devastated to miss Easter. My parents bought tickets to the show and are coming closing night. I just thought that was really cute.

-Another conversation between my friend and I this morning:
Laurie: Ummm, you may be getting a package in the mail.
Friend: Oh, really?!?! What is it?!?!
Laurie: I don't know.....But if it says Trojan on it, I had NOTHING to do with it.
Friend: It's things like that that really make me value our friendship.

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