Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I went into a new discount bookstore on Veteran's Parkway today and got a book called "Judaism in a Nutshell:Holidays" for virtually nothing. I purchased this book because, while at the bookstore, I was perusing the Religion/Self-Help section and I realized that (while I have quite a few on Catholisism) I have almost no books on other religions. Sure, I have a Zen book. And I have a books on Greek mythology; but, other than that, nothing. So, I picked up a book on Judaism.
Fast forward from this morning to about 20 minutes ago. I return from Cory's tired and ready for bed. I brush my teeth and wash my face before deciding to quickly check my e-mail and update my blog. Imagine my surprise when I read my MSN horoscope.
Here it is:
Spiritual growth may be an aspect of your development that has been neglected, dear Libra. If so, consider taking steps to bring more understanding of your beliefs into your life. If you go to church, are you learning there? Have you considered exploring other faiths? Consider doing so.

-Weird, huh?