Friday, January 16, 2004

We all know that the Yankees lost the World Series. But there's another group of nine men in pinstripe suits...well, eight men and one woman...who are also struggling in a losing battle of their own. I'm talking of course about the democratic presidential hopefuls that are heading to Iowa this week for the first caucus of this election on January 19th.
I haven't recapped any political action lately, so I thought I'd give you all a heads up.
-Carol Mosely Braun dropped out of the race, but she is throwing her political support to Howard Dean. Despite the fact that people question Dean because of his lack of minority board members while he was Gov. of Vermont. Her endorsement provides an opportunity for the media to move the news out of "how many minorities did Dean have in his inner circle" to "what exactly are the Democrats going to do to defeat George Bush." I'm sorry the only woman in the field had to bow out so early.
-In what appears to be the making of an amazing political "back from the dead" story, John Kerry continues to move ahead in Iowa. Many insiders say it looks like Iowa is going to be a 4-way tie between Kerry, Dean, Gephardt, and Edwards.
-George W. Bush is launching a shuttle to Mars. Which, to me, means that he has lost all hope of saving Earth and has decided to move on.