Thursday, October 07, 2010

Painting the Sunroom

Like I said in my previous post, our Sunroom was sad before we got our hands on it. While the weather was nice this summer, we decided to hit it hard and make some big improvements out there. After the new concrete floor was poured, we decided to start painting the walls. The walls of the were just plain old wood panelling. We only have screens in the windows out there now, but at some point, we plan to invest in some kind of glass or fiberglass panels to put up in the winter.
The plan included painting the wood panelling a light cream color (Sherwin Williams color matched a photo we found online into their Harmony-Exterior brand of paint.). This panelling is on three walls of the room (the fourth wall has the same cedar shakes that are on the rest of the exterior of the house). The same panelling is above and below the windows. All of that is the light cream color. The window frames and any other trim in the room is bright white. In the works for next year is replacing the three (currently dark, dark brown) storm doors with white storm doors. The window sill is not being addressed this year. Next year, we will be replacing it with a slightly larger sill that will be stained with some of the leftover stain we used for our hardwood floors (see them again here!). The sill will have a high gloss poly applied after the staining is done.

Here is a color of part of the wall after it was painted.  In person, the color is a little more of a cream than it looks in this picture.  And in the room, the off-whiteness of the color is further emphasized because it's right up next to stark white trim.