Friday, March 14, 2003

So...I've decided to give up murder for Lent.

I adore Peter! We were driving home on Wednesday and passed "Peter's Party Supplies." This conversation followed:
Me: "Look, Peter! You have a Store!"
Peter: "That's more than you have."
Me: "Uh! I have a Brand of Electronics!" (Sharp)
Peter: "And an adjective."

-Well, I've been home for a little while, and I just realized that it sucks when you want to call people randomly at like midnight to go out, but you can’t call their house because their parents will probably get mad. This is where the "cell phone love/hate paradox" comes in: When you're at school, everyone with a cell phone really starts to annoy you, but as soon as you get home, everyone WITHOUT a cell phone annoys you because you can't get in touch with them.