Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Sometime's you just feel like something's missing.
Hey kids! I don't think I can deprive you of this amazing coversation, during which I almost peed in my pants. We were both looking at the College Nicknames website and this conversation was the result:
Jen: sympathize with the Banana Slugs, but not the Cotton Blossoms, the Demon Deacons (What the hell??), the Dirtbags, Geoducks-(pronounced GOO-ee-ducks, not JEE-oh-ducks)", OMG, I just saw that the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology are the Hardrockers.
Laurie: Well, I only got as far as Banana Slugs. You'd think that these would be reasons to not go to these schools.
Jen: No kidding. HaHa!! Arkansas Tech's the Wonder Boys
Jen: I think I'm gonna have to book mark makes me feel better about myself!
Laurie: There are fewer wildcats than one would think. There's only about 20.
Jen: There are also more Hustlin' Quakers than one would think...meaning one
Laurie: Mmmm-The Colby College White Mules
Laurie: I bet that strikes fear into the heart of the competition. Look Out! It's the WHITE MULES!!!
Jen: I think that the Volunteers are much more threatening.
Laurie: The Sweet Briar College Vixens
Laurie: Can they do that??
Jen: I guess so.
Laurie: That's like sexual harrasment or something
Jen: I like all of the jesus-god schools getting all religious with they bad selves
Laurie: Getting religious with ones bad self is the best way to guarantee admittance into heaven, where our lord and savior Jesus Christ dwells
Jen: What's a "gorlok?"
Laurie: Maybe a typo? Though I'm not sure what it's a typo for
Jen: Okay, there is such a thing as "The College of Insurance" (They are the Turtles, by the way.)
Laurie: The College of Insurance Turtles, they're slow!!!
Laurie: The Marshall University Thundering Herd
Jen: Thundering Herd of what?
Laurie: Well, Fighting Thundering Herd, I suppose
Laurie: For what its worth Kentucky State's thorobreds better not be confused with Skidmore College's thoroughbreds
Jen: HAHA...Kentucky State can't spell!!
Laurie: Thats good for the school-Can't spell their mascot
Jen: Amherst Lord Jeffs!
Jen: Obviously some frat fuck took over the school
Laurie: That would be the coolest
Laurie: To take over the school and make you its mascot
Laurie: University of Baltimore are not just any old bees......They're the SUPER BEES!
Jen: Do they get capes?? I hope they do.
Laurie: Also, I hope that people dress in bee costumes like Dan Akroyd and dance around at games
Jen: What's a petrel? And why is it stormy?
Laurie: It's stormy cause that is more badass
Jen: Ok, I'll give it that
Laurie: I'm thinking if you are a petrel, you need all the help you can get in the badass department
Jen: Thomas Jefferson University Medics! They'll stop the game and fix you up right on the field!
Laurie: I really did just laugh out loud
Jen: I have been dying this whole time. I'm just glad my roommate is sitting at her desk so she can look at me funny
Jen: Uh oh!! Immaculata College stole the Mighty Macs!
Laurie: WHAT?? People know what a "Mac" is?? Cause I don't.
Jen: The Muleriders! I hope they dont play the White Mules!
Laurie: RISD Nads
Laurie: That just gave me the funniest image ever!
Jen: The Nads?!?! For real?
Laurie: Yeah...the Nads. For real.
Laurie: I thought of people making signs that say "Go Nads!!"
Jen: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I can't breathe.

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

"Solutions are not the answer."
-Actually, Richard Nixon, they are.