Wednesday, October 29, 2003

It both amazes and disgusts me that raisins never really expire.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Buying our President

No one under the age of 35 should be conservative. Period. When you're young you should want to change things, you should be angry and want to get involved. Liberals realize that the world needs to change and they are progressive enough to think that they can change it.

Now onto money issues. As you may remember from reading my last post, there are 9 democratic presidential hopefuls and 1 republican. Some have money, some don't. Let's look at who's raised what! First, the dems:
1. Howard Dean - $12,435,901
2. John Kerry - $7,944,988
3. Dick Gephardt - $5,884,600
4. John Edwards - $4,808,680
5. Joe Lieberman - $4,082,580
6. Wesley Clark - $3,383,848
7. Dennis Kucinich - $785,471
8. Carol Moseley Braun - $29,278
9. Rev. Al Sharpton - $24,070

And now, the Republican:
1. George W. Bush - $73,477,496

Ok, let's break this down. Dub-yah has raised more than all 9 democratic canidates combined ($39,379,416)! That is not a good sign. Experts are saying that Bush may break half a billion. That is an absurd number. Insanely high! On the other end of the spectrum, however, are Sharpton, Braun, and (sadly) Kucinich. The three of them are practically out as it is.