Thursday, April 21, 2011

Throw Pillow Thursday

I'm going to start a new series of posts called Throw Pillow Thursdays.

I get my pillow forms from IKEA, Jo Ann Fabrics, and Atlanta Thread and Supply Company, depending on where the best sale is or where I have other shopping to do.  All of my throw pillows have zippered, machine washable covers.  This serves two purposes for me: 1. if it's dirty, I can wash it and 2. if I get bored, I can change the covers in and out as I please without taking up much storage on currently out-of-rotation covers.

The pillow that I completed this week started out as a $1.99 SOLBRÄND placemat from IKEA.

This beauty measures in at 14" x 18" and is 100% cotton.  While at IKEA, I also picked up a 16" x 20" pillow form for $2.99.  When buying from IKEA, I like to get pillow forms that are a little bigger than the case I'm making.  I find their pillow forms to be a little understuffed for my tastes.  With the supplies I picked up at IKEA, the grand total for this pillow, with tax, came in just over $5 (as I already had all of the other supplies).  If I had to buy the rest of my supplies (14" white zipper, white thread, and a seam ripper), the project would still have been around 8-10 bucks.

This placemat is one of my favorite kinds to use for a throw pillow because it already has a fancy printed piece of fabric and a second piece of fabric that makes up the plain white backside. 

To make my pillow, I decided which side of the pillow I wanted my zipper on and opened that seam using my seam ripper.  (Sadly, this project went so quickly that I totally forgot to take pictures of all of these steps, but I will be using this method to make another pillowcase soon and will take detailed pictures of the process then.)  Using my sewing machine's zipper foot, I attached a 14 inch white zipper to the side of the placemat that I seam ripped open. 

With my zipper in place and functional, I slide my pillow form into the case and closed 'er up.  And here is my newest pillow sitting pretty on our couch:

Have you made any throw pillows lately?  Or have you used sewing skills elsewhere in the house?  Please share!  I love looking at other people's ideas for inspiration.

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