Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I haven't blogged lately.  Probably because we've been so busy with projects around the house!  I'll have lots to share in the coming weeks, but I wanted to pop on today and show a cute little project that I finished last night. 

We got these Crate and Barrel coasters as a gift for our wedding shower:

And that is exactly how they have looked for the last three years.  Partly because I forget about them, partly because I couldn't decide what to put in them.  But still, I fully realize that three years is a ridiculous amount of time to have left those coasters alone. 

I was wrapping a gift for a friend the other day and just loved the wrapping paper I was using.  A very graphic white print on a metallic paper.  I had just enough left over to cut sections out for the coasters.  And, they look awesome in our living room now.  Here's the finished product(s): 

And, here they are all together again in their final location:

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Anonymous said...

I just did this with my photo coasters too! I decided I needed some pattern in the living room (the coasters live on the shelf under the glass top coffee table). I printed out a lattice pattern, cut to size and slid them in--so cute!