Monday, February 24, 2003

-I think it's awesome that you can check your e-mail on your cell phone now. But using IM? Sure, it's great to be able to send a quick message to your friend. Of course, it'd be easier if you had some sort of phone handy...

-My newest hobby is reading away messages. It's like stalking, but no one will know you are doing it. I even have people's names on my buddy list that I don't know, but I hear they have really good away messages.

-Almost everyone, at some point or another, quotes a song in their away message, but change the lyrics slightly to apply to what they're doing. Oh, I get it - it's been a hard day's night, but instead of just working like a dog, you're working like a dog - in the library! How galactically clever!

-Why my psych professor such a loser? If I claimed to understand human nature, I'd know the best way to get a raise, have a date every night, and be able to make anyone laugh or cry with a few choice words. Having a tool for a psych professor is like having a health teacher that smokes.

-In drinking games, one person wins and the other drinks. It's the only kind of game I've ever heard of that makes everybody happy.

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