Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Sunroom Floor

Reviving our sun porch has kept us pretty busy this summer. When we moved in, this porch was in pretty bad shape. The plywood floor was rotted and sagging. And it wasn't level. And a family of raccoons were living under it.

Sadly, I do not have many before pictures. This picture was taken before we moved in when Matt and I snuck over to the house one day to take some pics outside. But, you can see the sad, plywood floor and the light fixture. The walls are just made of wood (I'll have some better pictures of the wood in a later post), as is the ceiling.

The first thing we had to do was get this room structurally sound. This meant no more sagging/rotting plywood and no more raccoons living under the porch. We ripped up the plywood to find a thin layer of concrete about a foot under the floor. Matt used to work in concrete and we hired his old company to come in and pour a brand new floor for us. This is the floor after we removed the plywood. Ok, after Matt removed the plywood. He also added some deep-into-the-lawn barriers all around the deck and porch so no more raccoons can move in.

The concrete was poured and leveled all while I was at work. I love this picture because they had to remove one of our screens to pour the concrete. It just looks so strange to me. If you look in the corner of the room, you can actually see where the floor used to come up to on that part of the wall. The old floor was extremely unlevel, so that was fixed for us with the new stuff.
After the concrete was dry and able to be walked on, all that was left to do to the floor (for the time being) was to place our cute new orange and gray rug on it. We picked this 5x7 rug up for a steal out at Nebraska Furniture Mart. My amazing sister-in-law Sara was nice enough to let us store the rug in their garage until we had a car in the area to pick it up and drive it back home. Sadly, the only picture I currently have with the rug in it is actually a picture of my favorite rug and floor durability tester.


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