Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Valentine's Day in college is a little easier than it was in high school. No one wants to be alone, and everyone has alcohol.

Well, my Internet Explorer is still being ridiculous, mais c'est la vie. I will try to write to my dear readers as often as I can until my computer is mended. In the meanwhile, I've been pretty boring. My roommate is missing me cause I've disappeared lately. I've just been busy doing nothing in particular. Lisa, wait until Forum when you won't see me for weeks at a time. And while we're on the subject...if you didn't sleep at Tim's every night, we would probably have more "roommate time." How would that make you feel? (I tossed the mic.) Ok, back to everyone else...why do we have Valentine's Day?!?! It's insane! I see no reason for it. Besides Valentine's Day, what's going on this weekend? If anyone's interested in seeing The Vagina Monologues, I think I'm going on Sat. My guess is it's just going to be a bunch of gals sittin' around talkin' 'bout 'ginas. Friday, I have no idea what I'm doing...Sorry Lis, we can't all be shackers. I'm tired and need to nap before I study French. Au Revoir!

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