Monday, January 13, 2003

The People of Central/Southern Illinois: There's More to Illinois than Chicago
Being from "up north," I have seecretly been studying the people that are from, what they have named this place, Central/Southern Illinois. I have been watching them from afar, studying their way of life, clothing style, environment, interreactions, etc. I have decided to share my findings with you, my dear readers. They are an interesting species and I am hopeful that I will gain a great deal of knowledge from them. There are a few notable differences between them and us, including but not limited to, their ability to attend tractor pulls and actully watch intently, the suprising find that they do not have EMPIRE Carpets down here (and therefore they don't have the commercials), and the way they have one high school for multiple towns. While all of these observations on their way of life interested me a great deal, I will write about them at another time. Today, we will be talking about their environment. The creatures live in a land of farms. And the flat terrain causes strong winds to sweep o'er the plain. My cute little hat has blown off the top of my head many times. Actually, earlier today my hat was lifted from my head and carried across the quad. Only when Kenny Metrof caught it, did I get it back. Also, the climate in which these remarkable creatures reside is different. They are slightly warmer down here. One possible explanation is because they are closer to the equator, but I have not yet documented the cause of thier nice weather. In Chicago, we too have great winds. We too have large quantities of snow. And we too have days that make us feel all hot and tingly (and not in the good way). But, I regret to in form you, they have COLD down here, folks! You cannot imagine my surprise when I found that my "warm" coat did much less to shield me from their harsh winds than it did to sheild me from the sweeping winds of Chicago. Chicago weather is a peculiar thing. The climate fluxuates from extreme heat to biting cold and back into a heat wave again before the work day is done. Schools are cancelled because it is too cold one week and because it is too hot the next. Yes, my friends, my findings regarding the weather down here are perhaps the most interesting ones that I have found to date. Regardless, I will keep you posted on new observations, comments, and general concerns for their well-being.

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